Long description – Proposed new University of Otago tohu, English-first and te reo Māori-first versions

Two configurations of the University of Otago’s names and proposed new tohu (symbol) are displayed. One has the University’s name in English as large text, with the proposed new te reo Māori name, “Ōtākou Whakaihu Waka” in smaller text below. The other has the te reo Māori name in large text, with the English in smaller text below.

In both versions, the text sits to the right of the proposed new University tohu. The tohu is in the shape of an “O”, or circle, with a macron, or line, above. The ends of the macron are angled so that it resembles the shape of a waka. The “O” consists of two crescent-shaped halves.

Each half of the tohu is formed by three lines, which narrow and meet in a point at the top and the bottom of the tohu, where the two halves meet each other. Each half also has a stroke that curves inwards, into a point emerging from the inner edge of the crescent. On the left half, this point curves upwards and in towards the centre of the tohu; on the right half it curves downwards and in.

In both configurations, the text is white and the tohu is gold, with a dark blue background.